The goal: to give the client a better understanding of the condition of the proposed building at the time of inspection.


By accompanying the inspector, the buyer will be familiarized with the characteristics of the property. Whatever questions the buyer may have will be answered as the inspection progresses.


What does a pre-purchase inspection by one of our members entail?


It is the inspection of visible and accessible systems and components of a building:


• Structure

• Exterior

• Roof

• Plumbing

• Electricity

• Heating

• Central air conditioning

• Interior

• Insulation and ventilation.


The purpose of the inspection is to identify major defaults which diminish the use, enjoyment and value of a property or a default which may represent a risk for the security of the occupants. The inspection’s purpose is to verify the state of the elements observed at the time of the inspection. The inspector observes and submits comments on the state of the systems and their components in order to inform the customer.


The inspection follows the AIBQ’s Standards of Practice.


When the inspection is completed, the buyer will receive a full written report.